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Our youth is always in need of a positive outlet; an uplifting

program that sufficiently takes care of their creative needs while

providing a sense of personal value, worth and unity. It has

always been the mission of LaQuette Milner, a Rialto native, to

create a program that would positively affect an individual’s life.

LQ’s Performing Arts Center accomplishes that very goal. LQ’s is

able to provide a safe learning environment for all who wish to

discover their hidden talents and those who wish to show their

given talents.

“Da’ Hip-Hop Wizzard of Oz” With "Da' Hip-Hop Wizzard of Oz," LQ's Performing Arts Center is able to provide the audience with a new twist to the classic story of "The Wizard of Oz." This uplifting event gives new meaning to incorporating old ideas and mixing them with new ones. It also broadens an audience's scoop as it relates to the image of "Hip-Hop." Whether we blame movies or some musical artists; over the years, Hip-Hop has gotten a bad rep. It is the goal of "Da' Hip-Hop Wizzard of Oz" to be used as a tool to break down the bad stereotypes that have been attached to Hip-Hop for many years. With a multicultural cast and a strong script, "Da' Hip-Hop Wizzard of Oz" can enlighten the masses with a positive, creative production.

Take a Hip-Hop Dance Class for ONLY $20, per

month, when you pre-pay for at least 2 months...

Tuition Options: $8 per single class $25 per month: Pay Per Month $20 per month: Pre-Pay for 2-5 Months $18 per month: Pre-Pay for 6-8 Months $15 per month: Pre-Pay for 9-12 Months Registration Fee is $10 *Tuition is DUE by the 1st week of each month. If received after that, a $10 late fee will be added to your student’s account. *Receive a 50% discount, on your next month’s tuition, for every friend you refer* (You friend must join in order for you to receive discount.) *LQ’s Hip-Hop Classes are held at Centre Stage Dance Studio (1710 Chester Ave, Bakersfield, CA) We are constantly looking for individuals, companies, and/or organizations that are willing to help us. Donations are accepted and are tax deductible. Your financial support, of any kind, will ensure our continued success. Thank you, in advance, for your giving!
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